Workforce Development

SEMI High Tech U

The SEMI Foundation has reached thousands of students and teachers students in the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, with its innovative workforce development program, SEMI® High Tech U™ (HTU). SEMI High Tech U is an industry-driven math and science-based career exploration program for high school-age students and teachers. With over 175 programs to date, targeted at students as well as teachers, HTU has successfully exposed these high school-aged students to educational and career opportunities in the math, science and technology fields.

For more information, or to become a sponsor of SEMI High Tech U programs, please visit the SEMI Foundation.

Workforce Development

SEMI helps supports the human capital needs of our members through a variety of products, programs and initiatives, including training programs, books, instructional material, job fairs, and public policy advocacy. The SEMI Foundation was formed in 2002 to support education and awareness of the field of high technology, and manages the world-renown, “High Tech U” program. View a video overview of High Tech U (6 min).

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