SEMICON China/FPD China 2020 感谢信


感谢您的支持和参与SEMICON China和FPD China 2020——全球规格最高、最具影响力的半导体“嘉年华”!

在这为期一周的盛会里,全球半导体产业精英汇聚上海,在80,500多平方米的SEMICON/FPD China展馆里,来自22个国家和地区的913家展商在3493个展位上,与来自33个国家和地区的专业观众进行了面对面的交流和商业洽谈。为了确保展会的顺利举办,现场专业观众数量有效地控制在展馆人流上限内,感谢广大观众的理解,并提前预登记及有序入场。中国的主要芯片制造商、全球龙头封测企业和他们来自全球的设备、材料供应商一起给我们带来了产业盛宴。同时,200多位政府嘉宾也莅临了此次盛会。


引人注目的SEMICON China开幕主题演讲,汇聚了中国及全球顶级行业领袖,畅谈全球产业发展趋势,市场热点以及技术应用。“SIIP China:SEMI产业创新投资论坛”集聚了IC产业基金、企业领袖、全球投资咨询机构的掌门人。




SEMI China

Dear SEMI member /exhibitor /speaker /sponsor /visitors,

Thank you for attending SEMICON China and FPD China 2020, a most premier global semiconductor industry gathering, the world's most influential semiconductor trade show and forum.

With a total of 3,493 booths, SEMICON China and FPD China 2020 covered 80,500 square meters of exhibition space and attracted 913 exhibitors coming from 22 countries and regions, and professional attendees from 33 countries and regions. More than 200 government delegates also attended the exposition and conferences. In order to ensure the smooth holding of the exhibition, the number of on-site visitors is effectively controlled within the upper limit of the exhibition hall. Thanks for visitors' understanding, pre-registration and orderly admission.

Most of China’s top device makers and global leading packaging houses, together with their equipment and materials suppliers exhibited at SEMICON China and FPD China 2020, presenting a complete global IC manufacturing ecosystem.

Besides the on-site sessions, some forums use online live broadcasts and some speakers share their presentation online in order to expand the participation of domestic and foreign industry. Verified visitors of SEMICON China and FPD China 2020 cover professionals from design, manufacturing, assembly and test, equipment, materials sectors. The themed-pavilions of IC, Semiconductor Material, compound semiconductor brought out the latest offering of the industry.

The Grand Opening Keynotes of SEMICON China 2020 features world-class industry leaders: who explored the global business, technology, and market trend. “SIIP China: SEMI Innovation & Investment Forum” deliberated innovation, investment, and market hot topics. CSTIC 2020 brought you the latest technology vision.

Workforce Development- SEMI initiated “SEMI WFD CHINA Advisory Council” to address the talent gap by attracting and cultivating talents in the China semiconductor industry. SEMI Workforce Pavilion and SEMI Workforce CXO Talent Forum are the highlights this year. Student delegations, trainee delegations, engineers, enterprise HR and university professors attended during SEMICON China 2020. Companies participated on-site also presented live broadcast, live recruitment and live training on the SEMI official website “SEMI Cloud”.

SEMI's mantra: Connect, Collaborate and Innovate. SEMI's basic principles include free trade, open markets, IP protection, and win-win collaboration to help facilitate the sustainable development of the global electronics industry. SEMI China is committed to serve the China IC industry in continuing growth and integration into the global supply chain ecosystem as a partner. We look forward to an exciting future together!

See you again in 2021!

SEMI China